the Spa


Our spa services include:

  • Facials
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massages
  • Waxing
spa-table-towels facial


Here is how one customer describes their experience at Purple Passion:

massage-bed“There is something to the energy of spaces that can be intangible in words: it is as if the Purple Passion massage room’s nature, puts you at ease.

Imagine a room – the warm colors, aromas of the oils and the softness of the sheets connect with your immediate and present need to relax.  The room does its job, and it is as if you could lie on the table, listening to the chiming, meditative music and that would be enough.

And then, the massage began.  A petite woman, Gina had exceptional power and was able to do a combination of deep tissue and Swedish techniques. Her skills work out muscle tension and strain in a manner that left me feeling both relieved and relaxed.  The hour-long massage went from head to toe, front and back.  She finished the massage with a refreshing mist that cleansed my skin and brought me back to the present.” – Kristin Fuhrmann Simmons

Facials    (35 minutes) $80

Spa TreatmentMassages

60-minute $120
90-minute $150

  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage

Four handcrafted massage oils you get to choose from.
We have perfected these blends just for you!

  • Purple

Indulge yourself in our signature fragrance. This massage oil will ensure the mind body and soul to reconnect with each other to reawaken feelings that will remind you to love yourself always.

  • Vibrant

With Lemon Oil predominantly featured, this invigorating massage oil was curated to relax, rejuvenate the body and mind. You’ll be left feeling remarkably new and energized.

  • Detox

Unwind with this special blend designed to release toxins that may cause excess stress to the body. Infused with grapefruit oil to help promote weight loss.

  • Blossom

Ylang Ylang sweet and floral perfume scent will transform your dreary mood to a cheery mood!


  • Eyebrow      $10
  • Upper lip     $10
  • Chin            $20
  • Full Face     $60
  • Underarms   $15
  • Full arms     $50
  • Bikini           $40
  • Brazilian       $60
  • Full Back     $70
  • Full Leg       $80
  • Half Leg      $40

All prices in Belize Dollars